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WinFast Quadro RTX AI Workstation
WinFast RTX AI Workstation NVIDIA-Powered Data Science and Deep Learning Workstation for AI Development Data is fundamentally changing the way companies do business, driving demand for data scientists and increasing the complexity in their workflows. Leadtek introduces a purpose-built workstation that helps data scientists transform massive amounts of information into insights faster than ever before by accelerating data preparation, model training and visualization. WinFast RTX AI Workstation is a turnkey system that combines the power of the world’s most advanced Quadro GPU with accelerated CUDA-X AI data science software to deliver a new breed of fully-integrated workstations to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability for data science. Features and Benefits Built On The World’s Most Advanced GPU Bring the power of RTX to deep learning workflow with workstations powered by Quadro RTX GPUs. Get up to 96 GB of ultra-fast local memory to handle the largest datasets and compute-intensive workloads. Leverage the latest in ray-tracing technology for high performance local visualization and configure remote access for maximum flexibility. With Quadro RTX you can maximize productivity, reduce time to insight and lower the cost of data science projects with workstations built to ensure the highest level of compatibility, support and reliability. Integrated with GPU-Accelerated Software NVIDIA-powered data science workstations come with a comprehensive stack of tested and optimized data science software built on NVIDIA CUDA-X AI. a collection of over 15 libraries that enable modern computing applications to benefit from NVIDIA’s Quadro RTX GPU accelerated computing platform. This stack features RAPIDS data processing and machine learning libraries, NVIDIA optimized TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe and other leading data science software, providing enterprises with accelerated workflows for faster data preparation, model training and data visualization. Core Components and Frameworks Accelerate Data Across Following AI Applications Learn More:
Health KIOSK
Truly implement smart healthcare with cloud computing, anyone can simply use your identification card to have your health date measured, transmitted and stored in your personal cloud for management. Product Features ㆍ Provide community-based remote health care services ㆍVarious identity identification systems for multiple users ㆍ Variety of medical measuring devices to receive wirelessly ㆍ Friendly user interface displayed on a high definition touchscreen ㆍ Personal health cloud to provide user with independent health management platform (APP/Web) ㆍ Health Manager to provide an easy management platform Product Specification ㆍ Operation System Windows/Linux/Android ㆍ Dimension 1450*620*570 mm ㆍ 24" high resolution touch panel (10" available) main screen ㆍ IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4G/5G dual-band wireless network) Network Transmission ㆍ BLE 4.1, Xenon 2.4GHz wireless transmission module ㆍ Wireless transmission Optional add-ons ㆍWireless 3-in-1 blood meter ㆍWireless bodyfat meter ㆍWireless oximeter ㆍWireless sphygmomanometer ㆍWireless thermometer ㆍWireless Heart Rate Variability  ㆍWireless Electrocardiographo/Phono Recorder
NewClean long effect nano spray
NewClean long effect nano spray is able to form a nano-protective layer that blocks liquid contamination, and also makes the surface less likely to be dirty. It has a cleaning effect while making it easier to be washed. The effect and duration of the nano-protective layer is determined by the stress endurance of the item. General cleaning with a washing machine can last about 15 times, retaining 100% of its water-repellent, anti odour, anti-microbial, UV protection and other functions. It can last between 3 to 6 months in accordance to general family use. During this period, all functions are effective. Fluorine-Free Fluorine cannot be decomposed naturally and the human body cannot metabolize it NewClean is safe and non-fluorinated, so you have a peace of mind Out of the 27 types of perfluorinated chemicals, NONE were detected. European Union (EU) REACH Certification NewClean passed EU's Highest Security Requirement Substance of Very High Concern(SVHCs) Test REACH 169 SVHCs Test The ultimate confirmation of product safety, NewClean passes with flying colours! Repels Water Wet and soggy shoes after raining? Had enough? Don't let the weather get you down, spray NewClean Rain or shine, you stay dry and comfortable Alcohol-Free NewClean is alcohol-free and uses a non-gas packaging Zero Skin Irritation Why does all other kinds of water repellent are only used to spray shoes? If it is unsafe and not environmentally-friendly, of course it cannot be sprayed on clothes This is the most precious gift NewClean can bring to your family. UV Resistant Beautiful and young skin, How can we allow them to be bullied by malignant UV? Spray NewClean, perfect protection against UV rays Antibacterial NewClean is formulated with nano protection Providing an environment in which bacteria and mold are unable to grow Antibacterial, effective and long-lasting Fabric-Friendly Commercially available, fluorine based water-repellent faces the biggest problem In addition to safety and effectiveness It will affect the surface of the material NewClean, does not change the characteristic of the fabric feel Excellent Breathability Hydrophobic top structure Water vapour is “wicked” away quickly, ensuring breathability No more awkward situations, no more “foul-smelling” atmosphere For more information:

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Established since 1986, Leadtek Research Inc. provides customers with best quality services upon the corporate motto ‘Innovation and Quality’ by extending the corporate spirit ‘Integrity and Honesty’. As one of the world’s oldest professional graphics card developer and maker, Leadtek has developed into a multifaceted solution provider with main product ranges covering the zero client and thin client for desktop virtualization, graphic cards for both computer games and workstations, AI solutions, GPS, cloud computing workstations, big Data solutions, smart medical solutions and others, aiming to serve the global market with multidimensional, innovative technologies and excellent products.
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